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Our Philosophy

Connecting people with the flavors of the Mediterranean

Blu Blu Greek Kitchen is a family-owned and operated small business that is passionate about serving up the best of Greek cuisine. We strive to blend traditional and modern dishes to create a unique experience for our customers.

We believe that the quality of ingredients is paramount, so we source only the freshest and finest ingredients for our dishes.

Whether you’re looking for a classic gyro or a modern take on Greek street food, Blu Blu Greek Kitchen has something for everyone. Come join us and see what’s cooking!

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Our restaurant is a family-owned, small business proudly rooted in our local community. We strive to be an integral part of our community, supporting local schools and non-profits, as well as hosting events for our customers throughout the year.

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Our restaurant is committed to sustainability. We recycle all of our waste and strive to minimize food waste whenever possible. We also source local and organic ingredients when available to further reduce our environmental impact.

Blu Blu Greek Kitchen
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Our restaurant prides itself on integrity. We strive to treat all customers and employees with respect and honesty. We believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard and to be treated with dignity.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect in all of our interactions with customers and employees. Our commitment to integrity sets us apart from other restaurants, and ensures that our customers and employees feel valued and appreciated.

Blu Bu Greek Kitchen Staff